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day passes, it becomes more obvious: The environmental factor is important.Therefore, we want to do more for the environment as well – with less cars and more electric bicycles. But why should e-Bikes look like folding bicycles with oversized dynamos?

That’s why there are e-Fatbikes by eStallion. Powerful cult bicycles combined with high-class comfort.


The graduated electrical engineer Roman Chevelev has been passionated about electronic devices since his childhood years. Of course, he was interested in e-Bikes, too. However, he couldn’t find any e-Bike which could fulfill all criteria important to him. It should be qualitative, demonstrate best performances, has a good range and a cool look as well.

After many years of unsuccessful search, Roman decided to develop his own e-Fatbike. After commissioning the frame design in Germany, Roman searched for the appropriate components and thoroughly tested them. It took him two years to find the right components like motor, brakes, suspension fork and control units – only then he was satisfied with the test results.

Eventually he founded the CHEVROM Ltd company and the eStallion brand at the beginning of 2017. Under this brand, he now presents with the eStallion the ultimate e-Fatbike which is not only comfortable and safe but also guarantees biking pleasure and an extraordinary large range. With a battery capacity of up to 1.140 Wh the perfect eStallion provides the largest range of all European e-Bikes!

Roman now wants to share this carefree and brilliant biking experience with other people. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose from different components according to your individual needs so you feel completely comfortable with your eStallion.


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